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You are reclining by the side of Lake Windermere, having emerged from the outdoor hot tub. A jug of Pimm's has been poured for you, and there’s already a glow from the firepit.

Your partner has chosen a playlist using the Boathouse iPad, hooked it up to the Sonos speaker and the music drifts across the terrace on the breeze. You could hardly feel more relaxed, and you know that at the end of the evening, you can tumble into bed in the luxurious Boathouse, nodding off to the gentle sounds of the water and the woods.

Another day in this paradise.

The Boathouse is for those who want to be pampered … absolutely.

There’s a huge spa shower and steam-room to wake up to, a trip across the Lake and … decisions, decisions … room service, or a table at The Restaurant for dinner.

This may be the Lake District’s ultimate picture-perfect, luxury accommodation, where you will feel fully connected to the water and the woods, yet with the trappings of modern luxury at your fingertips too.